1 Simple Change for Improved Landing Page Conversions

Landing Page Metrics

Landing Page Metrics

In late April, we looked into tactics that would help boost a Honda client’s Service Appointment landing page’s conversion percentage. We discussed with their Fixed Ops Manager about testing an additional “complimentary” offer for customers that request an appointment online. We suggested offering something simple that added value for his customers and wouldn’t cost him a lot per customer. We agreed upon an offer that wouldn’t cost him anything – he was already providing the service to customers when they arrived at the Service Department, we just hadn’t been utilizing the offer in his marketing. Better yet, the complimentary offer had potential to help him right-sell additional maintenance.

From our standpoint, the more customers that get to our landing page and “convert” to an appointment, the more successful our campaign performs. For our clients, the more appointment leads generated online, the more efficient their BDC can operate and the more repair orders and CP Labour the department can generate on a monthly basis.

The following graphics demonstrate our results from April 2015 until June 3, 2015.

The lesson learned: intelligently offer something for free, get results.

Daily Conversion Rates in April 2015

April Conversion Rates

April Conversion Percentage: 25.02%


On May 4th, the complimentary offer was added to the marketing message and the appointment landing page.

Daily Conversion Rates in May 2015

May Conversion Rates

May Conversion Percentage: 29.94%


Measuring landing page results gives us a great advantage as marketing solution providers. We’re able to visualize the success of our landing pages on a daily basis – and make small but significant daily adjustments to improve results for our clients.

 YTD Metrics

June Projected Conversion Percentage: > 35%

Here’s to a 40% Conversion Rate in July!