Did your last marketing campaign feature a dedicated landing page?

Landing Page

Landing Page

Have you ever received an email from a company, liked what that email had to say, clicked a link to a website for more information, only to be sent to a website with absolutely no relevance to what you were interested in from the email? I know I have. After clicking around for a while, hoping to find what you’re looking for, you’ll typically give up and move on to more important things. From a marketing perspective, this is no good.

We’re always trying to reduce the amount of time and effort required for customers to respond to the marketing campaigns we send. One of our main focusses is on reducing the number of clicks, the number of keyboard keystrokes and the number of digits to press into a phone needed to generate a customer response.

Dedicated landing pages and clean customized forms accomplish all of the above. They also eliminate the typical distractions present on dealer websites. When you send a customer directly to a landing page dedicated to an event or promotion, there are no leaks. By “leaks” I’m referring to distractions – the option to click something and get lost on another page. The customer has one call-to-action on a landing page: Fill out the form or call this dedicated phone number to get the deal you’re interested in now.

For Service Departments, landing pages dedicated solely to Online Appointment Booking increase form completion rates and, again, eliminate leaks. Simple forms also tend to look much better on mobile devices, allowing your customers to book their maintenance appointment or a Sales consultation while they’re on the go.

Sales Event landing pages can be personalized and pre-filled, adding a nice contemporary touch. The offers on event-specific pages can be tailored exactly to that event and visible only to those people you want to see it.

A dedicated landing page should be the starting point for every marketing campaign. If you’re considering a direct mail or email campaign sometime in the near future, we’d highly recommend you consider focusing on a landing page for your campaign first!