Fixed operations – Tire Change Seasonal Marketing Strategies

Tire Change Season Marketing Strategies

Tire Change Season Marketing Strategies

The coming months are a busy time for Canadian Service Departments. With October & November comes a wave of customers who will require their seasonal tire change. Naturally, most of your customers will procrastinate and decide to act at the first sign of snow or freezing temperatures.

This seasonal rush can lead to disorganization in Service Departments. More specifically, it can lead to less time spent with each customer by Service Advisors. Labour sales per repair order along with CSI scores often suffer during this time of year.

With a few weeks left to prepare for the colder weather, does your department plan on being proactive with your efforts to smooth out the rush?

A database marketing campaign could go a long way by:

  1. Educating customers that when ambient temperatures reach 7°C, winter tires will outperform all-season tires. Braking distances on cold, wet, ice-covered roads can be reduced by as much as 25% (or two full vehicle lengths) with winter tires.

  2. Offer incentives for scheduling an appointment on days & times that will positively benefit Service Department organization. Free tire storage is an offer we’ve heard from a few clients already.

  3. Targeting specific customers who currently have their tires stored at your dealership. Offer these customers a package to combine their next vehicle maintenance with their tire change visit.

  4. Sell more tires. Your expert Parts Staff would be more than happy to provide different options for customers interested in purchasing a winter tire package, or they can utilize the tire package builder on your website to build a package that suits their budget.

An educational video from your Fixed Ops or Parts Team demonstrating the technical aspects of winter tires and the differences between all-season tires would be a huge trust-builder. Host this video alongside your site’s Tire Package Builder to generate qualified website traffic.