Service Department Marketing for the Recent Heatwave in Ontario

Ontario Heatwave

The heat in Ontario is up.

It’s every driver’s worst nightmare to have their air conditioning stop working during an August commute to work in temperatures pushing 35ºC.

Using the recent heatwave to our advantage, we’re now running air conditioning-focused email and direct mail campaigns for many of our clients’ Service Departments. These campaigns offer a great opportunity to bring back inactive customers by gently acknowledging the above worst-case-scenario and offering an inexpensive inspection to help put customer’s concerns at ease and allow for preventative maintenance if necessary.

AC Inspection

Please feel free to use the above written copy and creative design free-of-charge if you are thinking of running a similar campaign.

We would suggest targeting database customers with vehicles 2013 and older and (most importantly) who are eligible to receive your communications under Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

Working files can be downloaded at the Dropbox link below. Simply have your dealership’s marketing/creative department download the files and adjust them to represent your dealership’s branding and contact information (don’t forget to add the appropriate personalized merge fields!).

Ideally, this afternoon (Thursday, July 30) would be a great time to schedule the delivery of your email campaign.

Looking for assistance with email marketing campaign delivery or creative campaign design?

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