Tire Change Season Marketing Strategies

Fixed operations – Tire Change Seasonal Marketing Strategies

The coming months are a busy time for Canadian Service Departments. With October & November comes a wave of customers who will require their seasonal tire change. Naturally, most of your customers will procrastinate and decide to act at the first sign of snow or freezing temperatures. This seasonal rush can lead to disorganization in Service Departments. More specifically,[…]

Dealership BDC - Wellington Consulting Inc

10 Ways a BDC Can Help Your Service Department

Considering adding a BDC but not sure whether it’s the right move? We frequently discuss with clients whether it’s worthwhile to add an internal Business Development Center at their dealership or whether it’s simpler to outsource. Clients without an internal BDC feel that the possible gains generated by this department might be outweighed by the potential for[…]

Ontario Heatwave

Service Department Marketing for the Recent Heatwave in Ontario

The heat in Ontario is up. It’s every driver’s worst nightmare to have their air conditioning stop working during an August commute to work in temperatures pushing 35ºC. Using the recent heatwave to our advantage, we’re now running air conditioning-focused email and direct mail campaigns for many of our clients’ Service Departments. These campaigns offer[…]

Landing Page Metrics

1 Simple Change for Improved Landing Page Conversions

In late April, we looked into tactics that would help boost a Honda client’s Service Appointment landing page’s conversion percentage. We discussed with their Fixed Ops Manager about testing an additional “complimentary” offer for customers that request an appointment online. We suggested offering something simple that added value for his customers and wouldn’t cost him a lot per[…]

Marketing Channels

2017 Automotive Online Communications Strategies

In 2017, your dealership’s online communications strategy is more important than ever. This year at Wellington Consulting Inc., 100% of our marketing campaign communications will utilize electronic channels. We strongly encourage dealerships to become increasingly focused on collecting email addresses of customers after vehicle delivery and during the maintenance service checkout process. Email provides an[…]